Residential Life FAQs

Q: What is the Office of Residential Life?

The Office of Residential Life is responsible for overseeing campus housing services and providing residential life activities for housing residents. Residential Life also supports the academic mission of Dalton State College by offering opportunities that foster individual development and collective growth throughout our residential community. We promote mutual respect, leadership, and the shared values of a residential community of learners.

Q: Where is campus housing located?

Campus housing is located on the north end of campus, providing convenient access to all Dalton State facilities, close proximity to major retailers and restaurants, and easy access to I-75. The Office of Residential Life is located within the campus housing complex at 2221 Roadrunner Place #14.

Q: Who can live in campus housing?

Currently enrolled Dalton State students taking a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester may apply to live in campus housing.

Q: When will know my housing assignment?

Housing will begin being assigned inn mid-July for fall semester, in mid-December for spring semester, and in mid-April for summer semester.

Q: When can I move in?

Move-in details will be included when you receive your housing assignment. Typically, residents move in 2 to 3 three days before the start of classes.  Move-in day for the 2015-2016 academic year will take place on August 15th for all first year students, and August 16th for all returning students.

Q: Do you have a meal plan?

No. Although all apartments have fully-equipped kitchens, flexible meal plans may be purchased at the Roadrunner Café. Contact the Office of Auxiliary Services at 706-272-2172 for more information.

Q: Do the apartments have washers and dryers?

Individual apartments do not have washers and dryers; however, laundry facilities are conveniently located on site and are free for students to use.

Q: Do the apartments have microwaves?

No. The apartments do not have microwaves, but you are welcome to bring one.

Q: What is included in the furnishings?

Each apartment includes one adjustable-height, extra-long twin-sized bed, one desk and chair, and one drawer chest per student. There are two lounge chairs, a sofa, a coffee table, an end table, and a corner table/TV stand in each living room, and a round table and chairs for each dining space.

Q: May I bring my own furnishings?

You may bring your own furnishing; however, none of the provided furniture can be removed from the apartments.

Q: What about insurance for my belongings?

Students are encouraged to purchase individual renter’s insurance.

Q: May I have guests at my apartment?

Yes. Residents may have guests at their apartments provided that they do not exceed fire code limits. All guests are expected to abide by the Dalton State Student Code of Conduct, federal and state laws and city ordinances. Overnight guests (students or non-Dalton State students) are limited to three consecutive nights within a week. All overnight guests must be registered with the Office of Residential Life. Residents are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Q: What do I need to bring?

In addition to personal items (clothing, school supplies, toiletries, and personal care items), you will need to provide your own bedding, kitchen supplies, and cookware.

Q: Does the campus housing complex usually fill up?

We receive applications on a daily basis for each term. The sooner you apply and submit your $200 payment for application and reservation fees, the better your chances of receiving a housing assignment.

Q: Can I live with my current roommate?

Yes you can! If you both request and accept each other in the housing portal and if you both pay your deposit and complete your applications. There are many variables in answering this question because it also depends on your classification and room availability but in an ideal world, yes we will work to house you together. Hope this helps!

 Q: Can I choose my roommates?

Yes, there are many options in the housing portal to select your roommate. If you know who you want to live with you can search for them by their name and send them a request (they will need to do the same for you). If you do not know who you want to live with specifically, you can search by preferences and description if they opted to do that. For instance, you can look at other profiles of students searching for a roommate too or you can search for someone who likes to go to bed early, etc.

Q: Do I have to turn in my $100 when I do my application?

No, you may pay your $100 (returning residents) or $200 (new residents) at the Bursar’s office at any time but you WILL NOT receive a housing assignment until both your application and fee is paid. Returning residents will receive priority is they pay and fill out their application by March 11.

Q: Can I stay in my same/ current room?

You will have the opportunity to select the building and type of housing you prefer, but not the exact apartment number. Additionally, even if you are staying for summer school you will have to consolidate in to summer housing so either way you will be moving.

Q: If a resident is not returning for summer or the fall, is there anything that a resident needs to do or sign other than check out to let the office know?

We assume that if you do not fill out a housing application then you do not plan on living with us this coming fall. You will need to follow check-out procedures and turn in your keys but no additional paperwork is needed for non-returners.

Q: Can I pay my $100 Reservation Fee now??

You may pay your application/reservation fee at any time. As a continuing resident, you will need to pay by March 11 as well as complete your online application to receive priority housing.

Q: To be considered as a upperclassmen, do we have to have more than 12 credit hours or more than 13 hours?

New students are considered 0-12 hours in housing so upperclassmen must have 13 or more hours.

Q: Where EXACTLY is the link to the application on MyDaltonState?

Upon logging in, the link is under two places: Quick Links and Banner. The Quick Links is a side bar on the left hand of the screen and Banner is a side bar located on the right side of the screen. The link is titled “DSC Campus Housing Application”. Once you’ve clicked the link it will redirect you to the housing application site.


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