Housing Rates, Application and Contract


Eligibility for Dalton State Housing

  • To apply for campus housing, potential residents must be accepted for admission to Dalton State.
  • Campus housing opportunities are available for accepted Dalton State students on a first-come,firstserved basis. To remain in campus housing, residents must maintain a minimum course load each semester of 12 credit hours.
  • Residents must abide by the Dalton State Student Code of Conduct, all Federal and State laws, and all ordinances of the City of Dalton. Firearms, other weapons, explosives, alcohol, and illegal drugs prohibited. No pets except non-carnivorous fish in 10 gallon (or smaller) tank. All apartments smoke-free. All of campus smoke-free. 

Rental for Summer Semester 2015

  • TBD

Rental per semester for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

  • Freshmen:
    • 1 bedroom/double occupancy –$2,175/semester
    • 2 bedrooms/double occupancy – $1,990/semester
  • Upperclassmen:
    • 2 bedrooms/single occupancy – $2,575/semester
    • 3 bedrooms/single occupancy – $2,325/semester
    • 3 bedrooms with master bath– $2,575/semester

Additional fee: $200 Application/Reservation Fee

Frequently Asked Housing Questions


Summer Bridge Program 2015

  • Summer Bridge Housing Application
  • Summer Bridge Housing Move-In:TBD
  • Summer Bridge Campus Housing Rate: TBD
  • Please Contact: TBD
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