Registered Student Organizations

Mission of RSOs

Registered Student Organizations will allow students to build communities through connections made by common interests and identities.  These communities will provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership, promote awareness of issues, expand professional and personal competencies, and engage with Dalton State and local communities outside of the classroom.

Types of RSOs

  • Academic (RSOs with ties either to an academic program on campus or to a professional organization/honor society off campus)
  • Common Cause (RSOs in which members share a common social, philosophical, artistic, or political interest)
  • General Population (RSOs targeting all Dalton State students through programming and events for any and all members of the student population)
  • Multicultural (RSOs existing to promote a common cultural identity or increase intercultural awareness)
  • Religious (RSOs existing to connect students of shared faith communities)

Learning Outcomes of RSO Involvement

Through involvement in a Registered Student Organization, students will be able to:

  • Build relationships with students who share similar interests and identities.
  • Promote issues pertinent to their RSO through activities such as meetings, events, scholarship, presentations, campus/community involvement, and fundraisers.
  • Develop organizations through the cultivation of leadership.
  • Develop knowledge-based skills which will expand upon their understanding of issues pertinent to their RSO.

RSO Registration

To be considered “registered,” an organization that is already recognized must annually submit an updated constitution and roster as well as have an advisor and president attend the mandatory training meeting. After registering, RSOs can advertise for events, spend money, reserve rooms, and function in any way that an organization normally does. Without completing the registration process, these privileges are removed.

RSO Inactivity

If an RSO does not register at the beginning of an academic year, they will be considered “inactive.” An inactive organization is still recognized, but not registered. After two years of being inactive, an RSO is no longer recognized and must complete the recognition process again to return to campus.

List of RSOs

RSO Manual

Click Here To View A Sample RSO Constitution

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