List of RSOs

Accounting Club
RSO Type: Academic
Accounting Club Facebook Page
The purpose of this organization is to provide a social setting for students to expand their educational and social boundaries through peer interaction and professional engagements.
President: Adrianna Cunningham
Advisor: Jamie Connors
African Student Association (ASA)
RSO Type: Multicultural
The African Student Association works with African students and those interested in Africa to promote its people and culture.
President: Chigozie Obanna
Advisor: Henry Codjoe
Alpha Kappa Lambda
RSO Type: Common Cause
Alpha Kappa Lambda Facebook Page
The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda’s goal is to enhance the college experience by forming a bonded brotherhood for life.
President: Matt Hall
Advisor: Matt Hipps
Alpha Omicron Pi
RSO Type: Common Cause
The values on which AOII was founded help lead us in the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit in our daily lives. We are inspired to promote the values of simplicity, integrity, circumspection, tolerance, generosity, personal dignity, and love. Our lives are to be living symbols of these values that we hold in common. They enable us to go with character and confidence into the world around us, confidently knowing AOII is ours, offering friendships and opportunities throughout our lifetime.
President: Christian Cunningham
Advisor: Michael Hoff
Baptist Collegiate Ministries
RSO Type: Religious
To encourage interested students in their Christian life and development by providing social, learning, service, leadership, and worship activities.
President: Jesse Este
Advisor: Barbara Tucker
Beta Chi Nu
RSO Type: Academic
Beta Chi Nu Facebook Page
Beta Chi Nu is to be an active chapter of the National Biological honor society Beta Beta Beta. The purpose of the society is to recognize achievement of academic excellence, promote scholarship, research and the dissemination of information in the Biological Sciences, and encourage an engaged community amongst our members.
President: Breann Campbell
Advisor: Marina Smitherman
RSO Type: Multicultural
Create a sense of community among ethnics within the Dalton State community.
President: Khaneese Phillips
Advisor: Stacie Kilgore
Business School Student Research Club
RSO Type: Academic
President: Rosa Lopez
Advisor: Thomas Ngo-Ye
Chemist Society
RSO Type: Academic
Chemist Society Facebook Page
The Dalton State Chemist Society is a chartered student affiliate club of the American Chemical Society.  The society facilitates professional development and social activities for students pursuing a degree in science or math.
President: Tiffany McLeroy
Advisor: Tricia Scott
Dalton State International
RSO Type: Multicultural
Dalton State International Facebook Page
1. To provide a common ground of understanding between individuals of various ethnic origins at DSC, through social, cultural, and educational activities.
2. To develop deeper understanding of international affairs, while fostering education and awareness programs about global perspectives at DSC and in the community.
3. To assist international students in gaining a better understanding of American culture and adjusting to life in the DSC community.
President: Cynthia Carriles
Advisor: Henry Codjoe
E-Sports Association
RSO Type: Common Cause
To introduce students to competitive and casual gaming.
President: Matthew Do
Advisor: Samantha Blair
Ham Bones: Amateur Ham Radio Club
RSO Type: Common Cause
Ham Bones Facebook Page
Ham Bones is for tech nerds and community service individuals who want to learn to use ham radios for communications in both emergency and community events. Members will be able to obtain licenses to talk “on the air,” and training to work effectively and efficiently with emergency personnel.
President: Septemberly Vegara
Advisor: Bonnie Semora
History Club
RSO Type: Academic
History Club Facebook Page
Our purpose is to pursue and expand members knowledge in the field of history and to encourage interest in history on the DSC campus.
President: Alycia Vail
Advisor: Sarah Mergel
Kappa Delta Pi
RSO Type: Academic
Kappa Delta Pi Website
The mission of Kappa Delta Pi is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service. The vision Kappa Delta Pi is to help committed educators be leaders in improving education for global citizenship.
Advisor: Lovey Mesco
Lambda Alpha Epsilon
RSO Type: Academic
Lambda Alpha Epsilon Facebook Page
Lambda Alpha Epsilon is an upstanding society of criminal justice majors here at Dalton State College. It serves to foster growth in the criminal justice system through education and professionalism. We strive for excellence to create long-lasting professionals in the field of Criminal Justice.
President: Julia Koschulla
Advisor: James Wright
Latin American Student Organization
RSO Type: Multicultural
LASO Facebook Page
The purpose of LASO will be to foster the cultivation of the Latino/Hispanic community at Dalton State College through solidarity, tolerance, service, and activities that improve our community, culture, and academic life.
President: Anthony Valdez ([email protected])
Advisor: Quincy Jenkins ([email protected])
Literary Reading Society
RSO Type: General Population
The purpose of the Literary Reading Society is to 1) read and discuss selected literary works, 2) learn about different types of literature, and 3) meet others who share an interest in literature.
President: Latifa Collins
Advisor: Kris Barton
Math Club
RSO Type: General Population
The purpose of the Literary Reading Society is to 1) read and discuss selected literary works, 2) learn about different types of literature, and 3) meet others who share an interest in literature.
President: Aida Balthazor
Advisor: Geoff Poor
Military Student Organization
RSO Type: Common Cause
Military Student Organization is an organization that seeks to represent and support military veterans on Dalton State’s campus.
President: Josh Panther
Advisor: Katrina Autry
Management Information Systems-Information Technology Club
RSO Type: Academic
President: Aleah Russell
Advisor: Thomas Ngo-Ye
RSO Type: Religious
Non-Religious Facebook Page
The Non-Religious was established to inform the general public and the school’s students about atheism and agnosticism. The club’s purpose is to educate and to help non-believer obtain self-esteem and share thoughts relating to religion.
President: Fidel Gonzalez
Advisor: Cecile DeRocher
Phi Beta Lambda
RSO Type: Academic
Phi Beta Lambda Website
Phi Beta Lambda Facebook Page
Phi Beta Lambda Twitter Page
Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.
President: Leslie Sue Elrod
Advisor: Norman DesRosiers
Philosophy Club
RSO Type: Common Cause
To provide a place to compare and share philosophical thoughts, to discuss controversial philosophical questions, to protect free-thinking on our campus, and to help members and others become more socially aware.
President: Austin Wade
Advisor: Jack Waskey
Rad Tech Club
RSO Type: Academic
To promote the professional field of radiologic science.
President: Reagen Sweeney & Austin Wooten
Advisor: Susan West
Respiratory Therapy Club
RSO Type: Academic
The Respiratory Therapy Club is an organization for current students in the respiratory therapy program at DSC and future program applicants to learn about and promote lung health and the  Respiratory Therapy profession.  The club participates in campus and community events to raise awareness about lung disease and the dangers of tobacco use.
President: Emily Liner
Advisor: Christy Walker
RSO Type: Academic
To focus on the development of young adults as leaders in the community, participate in local and international projects, and to promote peace and international understanding.
President: Krystal Tee
Advisor: Derek Waugh
Social Work Club
RSO Type: Common Cause
Social Work Club Facebook Page
The Social Work Club ~promotes a positive image of the social work profession through advocating and volunteering for various causes. ~works collaboratively with faculty, other campus groups/organizations, and community partners on issues relating to the social work field. ~provides support for the personal and professional development of its membership.
President: Wendy Kociencki
Advisor: Eugene Powers
Supporting Our Students
RSO Type: Common Cause
Students Offering Support Facebook Page
We are here to build, encourage, and empower students to develop a successful and productive life at Dalton State and beyond. We will be doing this through various programs, workshops and awareness events.
President: Todd Jones
Advisor: Travis McKie-Voerste
Teach Club
RSO Type: General Population
The club is an organization open to students interested in joining a community of shared professional goals in educating elementary, middle, and high school students. Relationships are developed through discussions, mentoring, and volunteer work. We provide future teachers opportunities for out-of-class learning with guest speakers, informational panels, and social events throughout the year. Members are encouraged to further their professional development through building relationships with the faculty at Dalton State College in the Department of Education and among practicing teachers in the Dalton-Whitfield area.
President: Stephanie Skiffen
Advisor: Lovey Mesco
Psi Chi
RSO Type: Academic
Purpouse: To encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology while providing academic recognition and nurturing members’ development.
President: Jose Gonzales
Advisor: Jonathan Gulledge
Pre-Health Professionals Club
RSO Type: Common Cause
The purpose of the Pre-Health Professionals Club is to provide students with an opportunity to help the community and to promote networking connections amongst students as well as in the health care profession.
President: Kody Pierce
Advisor: April Kay
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