Residential Life



The Office of Residential Life supports the academic mission of Dalton State College by offering opportunities that foster individual development and collective growth throughout our residential community. We promote mutual respect, leadership, and shared values as a residential community of learners.


Our aim is to establish fundamental requisites of a residential campus at Dalton State College, while striving to provide opportunities for student engagement, academic success, and skills that will enhance a lifetime of learning.


The Office of Residential Life affirms the College’s commitment to diversity through cooperation and mutual respect. We are actively committed to fostering a community that celebrates the dignity, the worth, and the pride of individuals from all walks of life. Through our programs and services, we welcome our students into a community where differences are not only respected but celebrated.


Residents will gain awareness in regards to the importance of service on our campus and in the surrounding community through the example made by our office. 

  • Residents will be treated to excellent customer service and a professional environment when contacting the Office of Residential Life.
  • Residents will look to student staff as an example of servant-based leadership.
  • Residents will have the opportunity to volunteer at student-lead housing programs.
  • Residents will be given information in regards to service efforts on and off campus, in partnership with the Coordinator for Student Responsibility and Service.
  • Residents will be active in volunteering at Dalton State and the encompassing areas.

Residents will display ownership of actions and take initiative to solve problems, ask questions, and address conflict. 

  • Residents will utilize the RA on call and Public Safety.
  • Residents will negotiate and commit to the guidelines set in their roommate contracts.
  • Residents will attempt to work out issues with roommates before pursuing other housing options.
  • Residents will contribute to community dialogue in a positive way.
  • Residents will take responsibility in regards to community standards violations (housing contract).

Residents will grow in understanding and mutual respect for the differences represented in our community. 

  • Residents will use respectful dialogue to promote inclusivity.
  • Residents will actively promote mutual understanding of similarities and differences.
  • Residents will be introduced to people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Residents will be an advocate for others.
  • Residents will participate in diversity appreciation initiatives.



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